Welcome to Inspiring HR

HR can get bad press… employers and employees alike sometimes see HR as the department that just says no rather than yes, that hinders rather than helps them getting on with running their business or doing their job.

It shouldn’t be this way! 

Most employers know that people are their most important asset

Most employees really want to make a difference and feel valued by doing a great job

At InspiringHR we believe that HR is about positively supporting both businesses and people to be the best that they can be.  It’s about more than simply providing advice on policies and procedures -  HR always needs to be an integral part of your business to achieve success.  It’s about exploring every opportunity that there is to drive optimum people performance.

This means strong and effective leadership, and making sure your team feels valued. 

This also means a ‘commercial approach’ to HR by continually evaluating your structure and resources, the productivity, efficiency and overall performance of your team.  You need to have the knowledge and confidence to be able to make clear people decisions and take action when you need to.  Whilst policies and procedures are needed, these should be simple, straightforward and tailored for your own business, whilst still meeting legislative requirements. 

InspiringHR will work with you to drive optimum people performance, and support you to find innovative people solutions when you need them.

Nichola Roskell
Director - Inspiring HR