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HR Services

HR Services to support you

Got a people challenge that you’re just not sure how to tackle? 

Just a few examples of our services and how InspiringHR can help you

Your business is expanding  we’ll help you to review the team that you have, what you’ll need in the future and then support you to get there so you’ll have right team in place, when you need them.

Recently acquired business we’ll help you assess and re-evaluate the existing team that you have, and decide what and who you’ll need to successfully run your business. InspiringHR will help support you through the process.

You know your market is changing and you’re not sure that your current team are what you’ll need going forward. InspiringHR will work with you to explore your options. This may mean re-organisation, or training and development, but we’ll help you get there.

Things just aren’t right …..  and you’re not sure why.  Perhaps you’re experiencing high employee turnover in a certain part of your business, you’re struggling to recruit the right people, or maybe you just know your team is ‘disengaged’.  InspiringHR will investigate and find the source of your problem, and provide recommendations and an action plan.

Senior leadership challenges - you know your management team needs some help. Perhaps they’re just not not working together, or maybe need help with their own leadership/people management skills. InspiringHR  can help you evaluate and assess your team, provide support with performance management and personal development, as well as facilitating leadership development days.

Inspiring HR can also support you in searching and selecting for senior positions on a P&C basis if required.

We’ll discuss and explore your own particular ‘people challenge’ with you, then through our support we’ll help you find the best way of achieving a solution that works for you and your business

Developing a HR Strategy to Support Your Business

Working with you to build an HR Strategy that will help you build a more efficient and effective business through

  • External and Internal SWOT
  • Review and Analysis of the key themes and findings
  • Report and Recommendations
  • Developing an action plan
  • Ongoing support to review progress and help you achieve your goals

Re-organisation and Restructure

Helping you handle these difficult people challenges you may be facing with professionalism, compassion and integrity

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Downsizing and Redundancies
  • Changing roles, responsibilities and organisational structure

Senior HR Specialist Support

Providing you with guidance and help when you need it

  • Sensitive and tricky employee relations issues eg handling senior Conduct and Performance Issues, grievances
  • An HR function ‘health check’ – is it fit for purpose for your own particular business, if not what is needed, have you got the right systems, procedures and level of HR resource
  • Providing on-coaching, development and advice for you or your own HR onsite support when you need more experienced help
  • It can be lonely being in charge! Acting as a discreet and confidential sounding board when you need to ‘offload’ from time to time

Payroll and Productivity 

Helping you achieve the right balance between delivering the right service to your customers, whilst at the same time having an efficient payroll. Establishing the right structure for the needs of your business, reviewing how you manage and review your payroll costs, and generally how you always make sure you have ‘the right people, in the right place, at the right time’

Understanding Legislation

Employment Law should not be ‘scary’! We can help simplify the maze of general employment legislation for you, and help with current legislative ‘hot topics’ such as understanding General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), National Minimum Wage& National Living Wage.

Inspiring HR can offer services on either an ad hoc project basis, or as a retainer service, giving you the benefits of senior HR advice when you need it without having to carry the full time cost

Good people like to work with good people!

Making sure that you’ve got the right leaders, and they know how to look after their teams.

Bespoke people management development days for your leadership team.

We’ll may also recommend and complete psychometric testing and 360 reviews, either for individuals or your whole team, and we’ll then provide feedback and a development plan to help your team become better leaders.

Find out what’s really important to your team

And it may not be what you think! Helping you find ways that will engage and motivate your team, and so help you drive sales, improve service delivery and increase team retention. This is where an engagement survey may help you either as a one off survey or perhaps by providing other ongoing ways of getting to talk to your team, and getting them involved. It may also mean perhaps introducing bonuses and incentives.

Progression, development and succession planning

You know you’ve got some great people that you want to keep in your business, but you’re not sure how to achieve this. Or perhaps you’re worried that your business is growing and you’re concerned that in the future you’ll have the right team in place to support this. We can help you develop a succession plan so you’re always one step ahead, and recommend ways of maximising the potential of your existing team.

InspiringHR specialise in providing senior level HR support and can work with you on an ad hoc, project or retainer basis depending on your needs and budget.

Our expertise can assist you and your business with all types of HR consultancy and work including

  • Strategic HR
  • Senior HR Support
  • Re-organisation & Restructure
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Performance Management
  • Employment Legislation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Succession Planning

Our skills and experience are not limited to those mentioned about and we would be delighted to speak with you about your specific HR requirements.

Get in touch now and find out how InspiringHR can help you.