Do You Really Know Who Your Best Team Is?

08 April 2019
Blue Stars

The biggest problem with the best teams is that they have very few problems, and as humans, we tend to focus on problems. In fact a lot of leaders can spend most of their time dealing with problems.

This means that these leaders often don’t see a lot of their best teams simply because their work does not lead to problems and escalations. On the other hand, leaders may well see other teams working long and hard correcting issues and errors, and managing the escalations of a wide range of problems and challenges.

It would be only human to believe that latter team is doing fabulous work while former team is having it easy, and concluding that your best team is really the fire-fighters. You then recognise and reward this ‘firefighting’ team and their leader accordingly.

The unintended consequence will be that you will invariably lose your best people and their team without even realising it, until a less competent replacement team is in place.  These "easy" teams and departments, that previously you’ve had so few problems or dealings with, then ‘catch fire’ too!

So what did you miss?

Understand that ‘no issues’ is your best case scenario. Rarely would anything commercially significant be so easy as to have no or very few problems, they’re simply being proactively and competently dealt with by your best teams.

Understand that teams have no choice but to ‘manage the fires’ caused by their own work - other than leaving their jobs.

Understand that a high number of issues is a clear sign of deeper problems. You need to get to and fix the cause to cure the symptoms -  simply managing symptoms is not the role of an effective team leader

Now step back and think of your best teams and their leaders. Make sure you recognise and thank them sincerely for being a fantastic team of star performers.

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