Is There Magic In Your Business?

04 July 2018

Magic is what right now every employer should have as their top priority to achieve.  Fierce competition for quality employees, and rising costs in so many sectors makes keeping a highly performing and efficient team together a 2018 key agenda item.

So What is Magic? Employee Engagement is Magic – and the factors that drive engagement are Meaning, Autonomy, Growth, Impact and Connection. This Magic is so much more than employee satisfaction, which is simply the basic starting point for an employee to become fully engaged.

Satisfaction v Engagement  An employee can be satisfied with their job without being engaged in their job. Satisfaction really means just being ‘content’ - with their pay, perhaps with job stability and their working hours. All in all they think their job is ok.  Job satisfaction, so often extensively measured by employee surveys will perhaps be enough for retention, but generally it’s nowhere near enough to ensure productivity, this comes from engagement.

Understanding Engagement Quite simply this is employees who are fully absorbed and completely connected to their job and their employer. They thoroughly enjoy their work and everything it has to offer, they’re keen to learn and progress, and they look forward each day to working with their equally engaged colleagues. This powerful formula drives employees to give their very best. The result – the business has a highly effective and productive team.

Finding Magic At times employee engagement can be difficult to achieve. Well meaning, engagement strategies and activities can often fail as they’re simply too complex. Without doubt, a good working environment, terms and benefits are essential, but real engagement means far more than this.

It’s about having a genuine culture, and really understanding employees as individuals. This means continual coaching, support and recognizing talent. It’s also creating healthy competition and driving for improvement, and rewarding in real time, whether this is a simple thanks or perhaps another incentive, but one that’s tailored specifically to what’s been achieved, and is meaningful for that employee or team. Think about what happens right now about Meaning, Autonomy, Growth, Impact and Connection – Magic – in your organisation?

Just Ask Why  Finally the main question that businesses need to be able to answer is why? Why is that person unproductive? Why is one team performing better than another? Why should investment be made into one area rather than another? These questions should never end. Do this and the business drives continual improvement, and at the same times finds out what keeps their employees genuinely engaged, and that’s Magic.

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